This treatment can be carried out from the age of 12 onwards, since the patient has all his definitive teeth, and even in older people who use dental implants.

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  • Eugenia Lemos

    “I was in treatment for more than 1 year in other clinics and used Invisalign where I never saw good results, and now I have been with lingual braces 6 months and it has changed my smile so much, its the first time it´s worked as I wanted it. I feel marvellous! I communicate much better and I don´t even realise I have braces, I feel very comfortable, the result surpassed my expectations! They are geniuses!"

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  • Aylen Milla

    "I love that the people don´t realise that I am using braces, for me feeling good and looking good is very important for my work. The treatment is better and quicker than traditional braces that are put on the outside.  They´re great, I love them!"

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  • María Colores

    "I wanted to improve my smile for a long time, but I was wondering if I could continue to sing with braces. At that moment, I was recording a new album and I was experiencing a new stage and needed a change. In the clinic they explained well the benefits of this treatment and most importantly, that I was going to be able to continue singing, so I made the decision and they put them on and in a week I was used to them. I think it's never too late to improve your smile, I recommend them completely."

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Testimony Marina Grassi