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  • ¿What is Lingual Orthodontics?

    Lingual Orthodontics emerged in the 70s as an alternative and preventive aesthetic orthodontic treatment for those who did not want to use conventional fixed appliances due to their bad appearance, and also for athletes who wanted to avoid lip injuries against traumatic impacts in the mouth area.

    The term “lingual” refers to the fixation of braces on the inner surface of the teeth, inside the mouth where they can not be seen. They are totally discreet and the teeth can move without the patient worrying about their appearance.

    It is contradictory that people who want to improve their smile have to wear braces that affect the aesthetics of their teeth and appearance.

  • ¿Why should I use lingual brackets?

    This treatment is not as conventional; the braces are placed behind the teeth, not in front. The treatment duration is 30% lower than that of the common braces, the brackets are smaller and comfortable, do not hurt or stain the enamel of the teeth, are more hygienic and otherwise, in most cases it is not necessary to remove dental pieces to make space, because it is a more advanced precision treatment. Another advantage is that biomechanically the teeth respond better than with traditional braces and are easier to install.

  • ¿From what age can lingual braces be used?

    This treatment can be carried out from the age of 12 onwards, since the person has all their definitive teeth.

  • ¿How long does the treatment last?

    Since it is a precision treatment more advanced than the common braces, it is much shorter, most of the times it lasts between 1 year and a year and a half aproximately. The duration will depend on the patient’s teeth and the doctor’s evaluation when checking it.

    Factors that help the treatment:

    -Age (+ younger faster)
    -Motivation (do not miss the controls)
    -Technology (individualized brackets)

  • ¿Can I use lingual braces if I have implants?

    Yes, it is possible to use lingual braces in people who have implants unlike those with traditional braces (that go on teh outside).

  • Advantages of Lingual Orthodontics

    2.-Can prevent tooth extractions.
    3.-The treatment is 30% shorter and faster than the traditional ones.
    4.-Brackets are smaller and more comfortable.
    5.-Does not damage or stain the tooth enamel.
    6.-They are more hygienic.
    7.-It is possible to avoid orthognathic surgery.

  • ¿How long does the first visit last?

    It usually lasts approximately 15 minutes. Where the doctor sees the patient, explain the benefits of lingual orthodontics, comments on all the possibilities and treatment alternatives as the case may be, and a budget is delivered.

  • ¿What are the payment methods?

    -Credit card 3 payments, interest free
    -Banco de Chile customers up to 24 and 36 installments without interest
    -Electronic transfer
    -Discount for cash payment

  • ¿Do you work with complementary insurance and Isapres?

    Yes, we work with complementary insurance, and you can use your Isapre surplus to pay for part of the treatment.

    If the treatment costs $ 2,000 ,And the supplementary insurance covers $ 700 ,And Isapre surplus $ 500... ¡You only need to pay $ 800!

  • ¿What do I do to finance the treatment with my supplementary insurance?

    If you have complementary health insurance in your company, you should consult the following details in Human Resources:

    1.-Insurance company that deliver the benefit.
    2.-If you have dental and orthodontic coverage in the supplementary insurance.
    3.-Be clear the start date and end date of the insurance annuity.
    4.-Know the percentage coverage and cap in UF or $ of annual coverage.
    5.-If you have deductible and how much.

  • ¿What should I do to finance treatment with my Isapre?

    If you are affiliated with an Isapre, we recommend that you call customer services and see:

    1.-If you have surplus free disposal and if you can use them in orthodontic dental benefits.
    2.-What is the amount you currently have available.
    3.-Request the documents you must submit to use this benefit.

    With all this, you can get maximum benefit from us for your perfect smile.

  • What to do in case of an emergency.

    We hope you never experience problems with your lingual brackets, but in case something happens to you we will always be available to help.
    You can contact us directly at 229574707 / 229523390 or by phone +56950113543

    Emergency timetable:

    Monday – Friday 13:30hrs. – 15:00hrs.
    Saturday 9:00am – 12:00hrs.